Close your eyes

Gift-box with three early harvest extra virgin olive oil bottles of picual royal and arbequina varieties
2020 early harvest Sol Chiquito picual, royal y arbequina now available
8 February, 2021
Cordovan salmorejo
Salmorejo cordobés with Sol Chiquito
9 February, 2021

Close your eyes

El color del aceite de oliva virgen extra Sol Chiquito

In the extra virgin olive oil organoleptic analysis, from our 5 senses, three of them are involved: taste, touch and smell. The eyes do not take part as the colour is not an oil’s quality parameter because the olive tree, depending on its olive fruit maturity level in the moment they are harvest, can produce oils of different colours which range from an intense green to a golden yellow, without any implication in a higher or lower quality. For the same reason and to avoid the bias that the oil colour could produce in a taster we use blue or garnet glasses in which the colour cannot be assessed. 

So in order to value an oil, trust yourself, close your eyes and smell intensively. If its arome comes full with memories of your grandmother’s kitchen, of fig tree shade, of your local greengrocer, of recently cut grass, of your hand with a contryside flowers buquet …, then, you will know that it is a good oil. 

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