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Do you want to enjoy the best aromas of an early harvest oil? Do you like bitter, spicy or sweeter oils? Visit our SHOP, compare the different sensory profiles of our Sol Chiquito picual, royal and arbequina oils and take home the one you most prefer.

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Do you want to import extra virgin olive oil into your country? We provide you with a complete EXPORTING service, together with the oil sensory profiles that best suit your market, putting at your disposal a wide range of packaging, label designs and shipping methods. Get in touch with us.

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Do you need us to design a plan for your olive grove? Do you have plagues or diseases that are limiting the yield of your olive trees? Do you want to design a new plantation and don’t know which variety to choose from? Do you need advice in producing your own olive oil? Do you need COUNSELLING? Come to us, we are experts in olive growth and elaiotechnology.

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Are you in the Cazorla mountain range and want to try something different? Visit the world of olive groves and extra virgin olive oil by trying OLEOTURISM guided by a professional, agronomist and specialist in olive tree and elaotechnology, expert taster and tasting panel manager.

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