oil tasting

26 January, 2020
Oleoturism and olive oil tasting in the farmhouse «La Aldehuela»

Tasting extra virgin olive oil in Cortijo La Aldehuela

This Saturday we have organized an oil tasting in the farmhouse «La Aldehuela» as part of the activities of oleotourism that Agraria Olearum has been developing. […]
26 January, 2020
Olive oil tastings in la Bodeguita del Rondador Cazorla Jaén

Olive oil tastings in La Bodeguita del Rondador

During the tasting, which will last approximately 1 hour, participants will learn to use the official tasting glasses to perform the organoleptic analysis of two extra […]
26 January, 2020
Extra virgin olive oil Sol Chiquito at restaurant & bistró Casa Alfonso in Cazorla

EVOO Sol Chiquito at Restaurant & Bistró Casa Alfonso of Cazorla

Alfonso Esquinas, owner and chef of the Restaurant & Bistro Casa Alfonso of Cazorla, has welcomed us to taste our Sol Chiquito extra virgin olive oils […]