EVOO Sol Chiquito at Restaurant & Bistró Casa Alfonso of Cazorla

Olive oil tastings in la Bodeguita del Rondador Cazorla Jaén
Olive oil tastings in La Bodeguita del Rondador
26 January, 2020
Early harvest Sol Chiquito royal extra virgin olive oil 500 ml
Sol Chiquito of early harvest of the royal variety now available
26 January, 2020

EVOO Sol Chiquito at Restaurant & Bistró Casa Alfonso of Cazorla

Extra virgin olive oil Sol Chiquito at restaurant & bistró Casa Alfonso in Cazorla

Alfonso Esquinas, owner and chef of the Restaurant & Bistro Casa Alfonso of Cazorla, has welcomed us to taste our Sol Chiquito extra virgin olive oils of early harvest.

The knowledge of the characteristics, properties and the organoleptic profiles of the extra virgin olive oils that are used is essential in the kitchen, but also in the dining room. In order to be able to transmit this information to the clients, Avelino, a waiter at the restaurant also participated in the tasting session.

After analysing the sensory profiles, Alfonso has decided to add our picual and royal Sol Chiquito early harvest oils into his restaurant inventory. Casa Alfonso is the only restaurant in Cazorla that has a “Michelin dish”, in addition to the fact that Alfonso himself received in 2014 the “Degusta Jaén” award for the best chef in the province, which makes it the best restaurant in the town.

Alfonso showed special interest in incorporating into his kitchen the three organoleptic profiles that we have – bitter, spicy and sweet – because he understands that each type of dish needs certain characteristics from the extra virgin olive oils used in its preparation.

We can only recommend that if you want to enjoy the best cuisine, do not hesitate to book sat Casa Alfonso. Quality food, an exquisite preparation, a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly and sincere treatment await you in this restaurant & bistro.

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