Visit to Expoliva 2019

Cordovan salmorejo
Salmorejo cordobés with Sol Chiquito
9 February, 2021
A tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach for constipation
An EVOO tablespoon on an empty stomach against the constipation
10 February, 2021

Visit to Expoliva 2019

Extra virgin olive oil tasting at EXPOliva 2019

Once again we have attended the unmissable date with this biennial olive grove and olive oil exposition to know the innovations of the olive growing and olive production world.

We have devoted special attetion to the VII Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Lounge, where it was possible to taste more tan 180 extra virgin olive oil from 11 different countries. In the exposition developed in Jaén most of the exposed EVOOs where of the variety of picual as naturally, numerous coming as well from the arbequina, hojiblancos and picudos olives.

It has catched our attention the arbequina’s extra virgin oilve oil aromatics intensities and nounces coming from Brasil. We have noticed a very significant difference with other oils of the same variety coming from Spain what maybe is due to the fact that we are talking of south hemisphere productions where the olive phenological cicle presents a half a year difference with the north hemisphere olives; while the braslian oils are recenly-made, the ones coming from Europe already have a 6 months life.

Another aspect that was curious is that even though the most parto of the oils participants in the longue presented an high quality there were some of them that made us doubt even of its inclusion in the regulatory category, extra virgin, with which they were tagged.

On the other hand we have been able to enjoy a lot with the possibility of tasting extra virgin olive oils of varities we were not been able to try before, into those that are casaliva, itrana, vidueña, arróniz, drita, ghjermana, ortice, cobrançosa, tonda iblea o grapollo . And repeat as well the tasting of varieties that present different organoleptics profiles, those which we are used to evaluate because our job. In this regard we are always pleased to enjoy varieties such as coratina, that we enjoy in a special way.

After the intense tasting journey we could enjoy the extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety that the chef Anselmo Juárez used in the preparation of some recipes, from which we would like to highlight the exquisite prawn marinated with lime juice over an avocado mayonnaise and extra virgin olive oil. A real pleasure for the senses.

And with fresh ideas to develop in the next months to prepare the next olive campaign we leave this Expoliva 2019 edition.

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