Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of olive oil in the most comfortable way: without leaving home.

We send you all the necessary material: three varieties of early harvested extra virgin oils, three tasting glasses with their watch-glasses, three defective oil patterns, three official profile sheets, three descriptive profile sheets, tasting rule and pen . You just have to select a date (or you can decide the date later) and we will meet in Zoom. Our expert taster will show you how the organoleptic properties of oils are analyzed, what you need to recognise a quality oil and to detect defects and how to recognise the healthy properties of an olive oil. We will also share some tips on health and on how to use olive oil in the kitchen.

You can reserve and purchase our tasting kit here.

I already have my Sol Chiquito tasting kit

You have booked an oil tasting and you have to prepare for the moment when we connect and start the online session. To find out what to do, cotinue reading.


When you receive the package with the tasting kit, unpack it with great care to avoid breakage, as there are very fragile glass elements inside. Once you have taken out all the content, check that the material received is the one that appears in the following list:

  • 3 250 ml bottles of early harvested extra virgin olive oil Sol Chiquito, picual, royal and arbequina.
  • 3 sampling jars with rancid, muddy sediment and fusty defect patterns.
  • 3 blue tasting glasses
  • 3 watch-glasses.
  • 3 profile sheets.
  • 3 extra virgin olive oil profile sheets.
  • 1 tasting ruler
  • 1 pen.

Is there everything? Let´s continue.


You should have received an email with a link for your registration in the virtual tasting room. Click on it and complete your registration. When you have done so, you will receive another email with information to join the online tasting session that you have booked. In the event that you do not have ZOOM app for virtual meetings installed, when you click on “Click here to join” you will see the option to download the application in order to install it.

Have you got it? It would be convenient that you join the tasting session with time to check the your equipment audio and video.

Do you have any problens entering the virtual tasting room? Call us (647429531) and we will guide you.


Some time before the tasting session starts you should prepare everthing.

Choose a table where you have the necessary space to place your communication device (computer, tablet or mobile) in a fixed and stable way and in which all the tasting material that you have to have close by during the online tasting session will fit.

Wash the tasting glasses and watch-glasses carefully and pat them dry with kitchen paper or just let them air dry. Do not use any cloth for drying that can transfer odors to the glasses.

Once dry, pour the oil into the glasses. You have three glasses, one for each of the three early harvested Sol Chiquito extra virgin olive oils: picual, royal and arbequina. When you have poured the measured oil into the glass (15 ml, aproximately a finger), cover them with your watch-glass (see the correct shape in the photo) so that the aromas are not lost and leave them next to the corresponding oil bottle so that during the tasting session you do not confuse some varieties with others.

Prepare a plate with some slices of apple or bread and a glass of water, which we will use in the tasting to eliminate the aromas and flavors between one oil and another.

Make sure you have the rest of the material (patterns, ruler, pen and tasting cards) within reach.


In order to carry out the oil tasting in the best possible conditions, follow this recommendations:

  • Wash your hands with a non-perfumed soap so you don’t add odors to the glasses.
  • Do not use perfumes, especially if you are in the same room with other people.
  • Do not smoke or drink coffee at least 30 minutes before the tasting session.
  • Fast for at least an hour before the tasting.


You are now ready for your online tasting session. However, if you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you. See you the day of the tasting.