You have reserve dan onine oil tasting and you have to get ready for the moment when we connect and the onlin session starts. We tell you how. 


When you receive the package with the tasting kit, unpack it with caution in order to avoid breaks as inside the package there are very fragile glass elements. Once you have pulled everything out, check that the material you have received is the one that appears in this list: 

  • 3 early harvest Sol Chiquito extra virgin olive oil 250ml bottles of picual, royal and arbequina varieties.
  • 3 sample taking canisters with fusty, muddy and rancid deffects patterns. 
  • 3 extra virgin olive oil blue tasting glasses.  
  • 3 watch glasses. 
  • 3 tasting sheets. 
  • 3 extra virgin olive oil tasting sheets. 
  • 3 plastic glasses with level mark. 
  • 1 specific tasting ruler. 
  • 1 pen.

¿Is everything inside? We continue. 


You have received an email with a link for your registration in the virtual tasting room. Click on it and complete your inscription. When you have done this you will receive another email with the information to join the online tasting session you have reserved. In the event that you do not have the ZOOM app instaled for virtual reunions when you click in “Click here to join” it will appear the option to downlod the app so you can install it. 

¿Do you have it? It will be helpful to join the tasting session in advance so you can check your equipment’s audio and video. 

¿Do you have any difficluty to join the virtual tasting room? Call us (640214850) and we will help you. 


¿Little time is left for the tasting session to star? Let’s prepare it. 

Choose a table where you have the extent necessary top ut your comunication dispositive (computer, tablet or phone) where it will be stable and have enough space to put all the tasting material that you shoud have on hand during the online tasting session. 

Wash the tasting glasses and the watch glasses carefully and dry it with kitchen paper or just let them air dry. Do not use a cloth that could transfer smells to the tasting glasses. 

Once you dry them, put the oil in the glasses. You have three glasses, one for each of the three early harvest Sol Chiquito extra virgin olive oil: picual, royal and arbequina. You have as well three plastic glasses with a level mark, one for each oil so you can measure 15ml with them and then pour the oil in the tasting glasses. Once you have poured the measured oil in the glass, cover it with its watch glass (observe the correct way to do it in the picture) so the oil do not lose its aromes and leave them next to their respective bottle of oil so you will not get confused between the different varieties during the session. 

 Prepare a plate with apple or bread slices and a glass of water that we will use in the tasting to delete the aromes and flavours between one oil and another. 

For the rest of the materials (patterns, ruler, pen and tasting sheets) just have them on hand.


Tasting glasses with their own watch glasses


So that you can do this oil tasting in the best conditions we give you this recommendations: 

  • Wash your hands with no perfumed soap so it do not add smells to the glasss. 
  • Do not use perfume specially if you are sharing the tasting with another person at the same place. 
  • Do not smoke or drink coffe 30 minutes before the tasting session starts. 
  • Fast during one hour before the tasting. 


Now you are ready for your online tasting session. However if you have any difficulty or doubt please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you. 

See you in the tasting day.