Olive groves

We take you to the centenary olive trees of the Sierra de Cazorla, so that you can walk between their trunks, twisted over the centuries, and through the hands that, generation after generation, have worked to collect their fruits. Enjoy this landscape, unique in the world, while we tell you the secrets that have made this tree the most mythical.

Alternative option: For groups of less than four people (traveling in a company vehicle) or participants who have an all-terrain vehicle, there is the possibility of visiting the ancient olive trees of La Iruela. These impressive specimens have been providing their shadow and oil for 15 centuries.

Olive grove in the Sierra de Cazorla

The largest oil mill in the region

Do you want to see how the best extra virgin olive oil is made? We take you to the largest oil mill in the region so you can see the whole elaboration process from the moment the olive is discharged into the charging hoppers until the oil is packaged. The processes of extraction of the olive “juice” has evolved a lot in the last decades. That is why we recommend that you tour the facilities of one of the most modern and largest oil mills in the world, as we explain what are the critical points that must be taken care of to get the best oil.

Tasting cup in a vertical centrifuge

Olive oil tasting in the Ruins of the Church of Santa María

Enjoy and put your senses to the test while you discover how to evaluate the positive and negative attributes of an oil and to distinguish the different aromatic nuances of the best Extra virgin olive oils .

We are waiting for you in the unique environment of the emblematic Ruins of the Church of Santa María.

Activity programme

Duration: approximately 3 hours


  • Meeting in Cazorla.
  • Displacement to the centenary olive grove of Cazorla or millenary olive trees of La Iruela (if this option has been chosen)
  • Visit to the olive grove to learn about the olive cultivation and harvesting process and the culture associated with the world of olive groves. You can enjoy this unique landscape from inside.
  • Displacement to the oil mill to learn “in situ” the entire olive oil production process. During the journey you will be able to have a global vision of the olive groves of the Region.
  • Return to Cazorla to enjoy a guided olive oil tasting in the Ruinas de Santa María, a privileged environment and the most emblematic monument of the city.

What do you need? It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and clothing. To participate you just have to be willing to immerse yourself in an exciting world, full of tradition and at the vanguard, flavor, health and the framework of a millenary culture.

Shcedule and prices


  • Monday to Saturday at 9.30 a.m.


  • Adults, € 15.
  • Children, € 10.
  • Children under 6, free.

Check prices for large groups.

CONTACT: Call 647429531 or send us an email to info@olearum.com.