Export of extra virgin olive oil

Do you want to import extra virgin olive oil into your country? We can help you. In Agraria OLEARUM we manage the export of the best extra virgin olive oil. You can import oil with our brand, Sol Chiquito, of the picual, royal and arbequina varieties, or do it with your own brand. We select the oil based on the sensory profile that your market demands, adjusting to the intensities of fruity, bitter and spicy you need. We design and produce the packaging that fits your needs and manage the packaging in the volumes and materials you request.

If you want to satisfy your extra virgin olive oil market, we are your suppliers.

Warehouse of extra virgin olive oil

Experience and quality

In Agraria OLEARUM, we have 20 years of experience in olive cultivation and in the production of extra virgin olive oil. We control the quality of the entire oil production process, including the design of the new olive plantations, the elaboration of the irrigation and fertilization plans, the control of the ripening of the olive, the determination of the optimal harvest period, the control of the critical points of the oil extraction process, the definition of the organoleptic profiles and the packaging.

The management of the entire process of making extra virgin olive oil allows us to offer you a product of high quality.

Pest control in olive trees

Flexibility and diversity

We work with different extra virgin olive oils, from the most exclusive early harvest oils, for markets that seek excellence, to season oils, with cheaper prices and adapted to large consumers. We have different varieties, to cover all the sensory profiles that your market may demand, from picual, bitter and highly stable oils, to Arbequina, sweet and aromatic oils. We work with a wide range of materials (plastic, glass and can) and packaging volumes, from 1000 litres to 250 millilitres.

We can provide you with a product that fits 100% of your requirements.

Exportation containers for export of extra virgin olive oil

Attention and design

If what you are looking for is to develop your own brand in your country, we can advise you on the choice of extra virgin olive oils, design and manage the production of your labels and packaging, and provide you with 3D models of your products so you can choose the designs that you like best before starting production. All with personalized and professional attention. 

We are in Jaén – Spain – the world’s largest producer of extra virgin olive oil. We put all our experience at your disposal. Contact us at info@olearum.com.

New designs of extra virgin-olive-oil-bottles