Botellas de AOVE Sol Chiquito de cosecha temprana

Extra virgin olive oil Sol Chiquito

We pack and distribute Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Within the different categories of oil that are obtained from the olive, extra virgin olive oil is defined by regulations as “Higher category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures“.

This rating is given to virgin olive oils that, among other parameters, do not have organoleptic defects and have a noticeable fruitiness (a set of the olfactory sensations characteristic of the oil, depending on the variety of olives, from healthy and fresh olives, green or mature and perceived by direct and/or retronasal route).

Gotas de lluvia en un olivo picual

Why have we named our extra virgin olive oil Sol Chiquito?

We chose this name for our extra virgin olive oil because the olive trees, being a Mediterranean crop, need a lot of sunlight year round to grow well and produce olives. This is why the cultivation of this tree is mainly concentrated in the Mediterranean basin, in which the hours of sunlight are sufficient and climate conditions are favourable.

The treetop leaves catch the light rays and convert them, drop by drop, into olive oil. Each of these drops is a piece of sun, a tiny sun, which the olive tree caught and that we packaged to bring the aromas of the southern croplands to your home.

Botellas de AOVE Sol Chiquito de cosecha temprana

Selection of our Sol Chiquito Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good extra virgin olive oil can only be obtained from healthy olives and from taking meticulous care in the process of extracting their oil, controlling the times, cleanliness and temperature of the procedure. If everything is done adequately, we will obtain an extra virgin olive oil whose quality can be identified with the use of our senses.

Our broad experience in the tasting of virgin olive oil allows us to determine with our senses the good quality oils. Its ripe or green fruitiness, its more or less bitter taste, the intensity of the spiciness and its aromatic nuances guide us towards choosing the perfect extra virgin olive oil.